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I love spending time creating beautiful portraits of women for weddings, modern glamour portraits and boudoir.  I also provide lifestyle branding used for head shots and websites.  When I am not photographing, I spend time traveling, enjoying a great meal at a restaurant or spending time with family and friends.  I love to live life to the fullest with gusto.  I try to turn lemons into lemon drop martinis!  My blog is a small sample of my life whether in the photography world or just the world at large.  

Ladies, try to remember to take the hat off and fling it to the sky. Live life fully with joy and love always.

Have a wonderful life living as the Goddess you are!

Saturday, November 11, 2017
By Zelda216 Media Photography
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When I prepare for a shoot, I first say a prayer I can bring the vision thru by use of my camera lens.  I then do background preparation by studying posing, wardrobe selection, shoot sets, refreshment planning, music selection....well the list goes on.  When my client arrives, I want her to be comfortable, happy and relaxed as we will be spending 2 to 3 hrs together.  We first go thru the wardrobe choices and then she goes into Makeup for pampering.  Then it is showtime so she can feel like a super model.  

Often times, ladies are not sure what they really want as this is the first time they have done a professional shoot since either high school or marriage, but the good things is, I have been been doing it for over 15+ years, so I got their back!!!  This was a fun set as we giggled like school children since we both share a total for real love of shoes.  Such fun and such a sweetie.  She truly owns her power and knows how to use it too!  

Saturday, September 02, 2017
By Zelda216 Media Photography
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I can tell you anytime I get together with Miss Nataliya, I am in for a great time of shooting.  She is sassy, sexy, fun, stylish and loves shoes and fashion just as I do.  One thing she can truly do is rock a corset.  And look at that gorgeous red hair!  By the way, corsets are one of the many choices in lingerie clients make when deciding to do a boudoir session with Zelda216 Media Photography.  Miss Nataliya chose a pretty corset along with other lingerie sets for her session.  Lots of beauty in her fashion for a boudoir shoot.

You will also note, whether a corset is worn, a bustier, a shirt or barely anything, I love shooting to strive to bring out the personality of who you happen to be. Sometimes ladies tell me they don't feel they can rock a boudoir session because of all the things running thru their head.  You know what I say to that??? Hogwash!  We are all Goddesses and can be whoever we choose to be.  You want to be sexy sassy, then you can rock a session.  You want to be soft and romantic?  Guess what, you will rock that session too.  After spending a couple of hours together with you and showing you the many sides you possess thru my camera lens, you will walk away feeling fierce and able to conquer the world.

Remember who you are, my Goddesses!  Goddess Empowerment.

Sexy Sassy Nataliya Boudoir

Saturday, April 15, 2017
By Zelda216 Media Photography
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Weddings Means Fresh Starts!

April 2017

Wedding season begins this month and goes thru its peak periods thru September.  I always look at the Wedding Season as a chapter of new beginnings for so many reasons.  New beginnings means you take a  portion of your life and decide, ‘Hmmm….I need to change something up!’  Sometimes those beginnings are things you have to do and that are forced upon you while other new beginnings are things you purposely seek out.

Have you ever had those new beginnings that just pop up out of the blue and you are forced to deal with them?  That has happened to me a number of times.  I think it is Life’s way of giving me a shove and keeping me on my toes.

Photographing women during weddings is a way to showcase new beginnings and new chapters.  I wonder what she is thinking as she embarks on this new journey. There is so much more to her change than the big wedding day as she moves forward. But for that day, we can only hope and pray for positive new beginnings as the Bride moves thru her new chapter of change.

Ladies, here’s to new beginning whether it is your Wedding Season or not, move forward in positive light and love.